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Heyday,” according to the publisher, “is a brilliantly imagined, wildly entertaining tale of Americaís boisterous coming of age — a sweeping panorama of madcap rebellion and overnight fortunes, palaces and brothels, murder and revenge as well as the story of a handful of unforgettable characters discovering the nature of freedom, loyalty, friendship, and true love.” (more)

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The Onion (#3 of best 7)

The Langum Prize winner for the best American historical novel of 2007

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Reviews of HEYDAY
Entertainment Weekly
: “Like a long-lost literary treasure. If its ripping plot twists don’t hook you, then you’re bound to be snared by the scads of riveting historical details. It’ll be just as enjoyable in 150 years as it is today. Grade: ‘A'”

Baltimore Sun: “Simply stellar. A tour de force. Captivating and thoroughly engaging story with compelling characters and an epic resonance.”

New York Times Book Review: “Teeming with extravagantly vivid characters. It’s a band-concert of a novel. There is something moving, a stirring spirit, in the energy of its amazement.”

The New Yorker: “Andersen’s intricate plotting and his command of period detail keep the book moving. The issues the characters grapple with are as important now as they were in the nineteenth century.”

New York: “A swift, rich, thrilling voyage, an adventure of the highest order.”

Los Angeles Times, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: “Utterly believable. Characters that are vivid and convincing. A major work, the kind of historical novel that has always been the most satisfying to read.”

Portland Oregonian: “Marvelously detailed, vivid characterization, propulsive narrative, an addictive stew of a book. Depth, insight and sheer storytelling glee make Heyday an absorbing and illuminating read. A fantastic book.”

Publishers Weekly: “Delightful, intelligent, a true novel of ideas.”
Vanity Fair
: “Manic energy, a wicked sense of humor. Enthralling.”

Library Journal: “Utterly engaging, terrific, highly recommended.”
Rocky Mountain News
: “Sharp wit. Remarkable detail and genuine charm. It’s hard not to be swept along. A satisfying theatricality. ‘Go west, young man’ has rarely been followed with such verve. A superb work of fiction.”

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Denver Post, New York Sun, Newark Star-Ledger, Philadelphia Inquirer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Petersburg Times, Houston Chronicle, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Washington City Paper and the Chicago Sun-Times: “Andersen’s exhilarating new work, Heyday, deserves instant acceptance into their ranks [Thomas Berger’s Little Big Man, E.L. Doctorow’s Ragtime, Gore Vidal’s Lincoln],” and “explores previously uncharted territory.”
02138: “Stirringly original. Luminous vignettes. Playful and witty. His feel for the period is unimpeachable. Splendid. Heyday has a remarkable unity, and gorgeous, robust prose.”

New York Daily News: “A sweeping tale of historical intrigue. Sly and expansive. A gold mine of ideas.”

Chicago Tribune: “Cascading , rambunctious and playful. A clever, tongue-in-cheek cultural kaleidoscope of the mid-19th century.”

Christian Science Monitor: “Chock-full of the vibrant energy of the 19th century New World.”

Parade: “Spot-on social commentary. Will charm and amuse even the most reluctant students of history.”

Toledo Blade: “Masterful. Elegant, rollicking.”

Edomonton Journal, Montreal Gazette: “The 19th century is alive. Contagious beauty.”

Daily Candy: “Mischievous. Enthralling. A total crowd-pleaser.”

PopMatters: “One of America’s most talented novelists. Truly impressive.”
Elle: “Uproarious. A boisterous adventure.”

Vogue: “A lavish, wide-angled portrait. Sweeping and satisfying, an exuberant vision.”
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