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The Best Decade Ever? The 90s, Obviously 2/6/15
A Gambler’s Anatomy
by Jonathan Lethem
: the Book Review 10/13/16
A Road Trip Through Alexander Payne’s Nebraska
: T magazine  11/15/13
I Spy: Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth: the Book Review, 11/25/12
True to Character: Kurt Vonnegut’s Letters: the Book Review 10/26/12
The Downside of Liberty: Op-Ed 7/4/2012
Our Politics Are Sick
: Op-Ed 8/19/2011
We, Robot: Op-Ed 8/12/2011
The Madman Theory: Op-Ed 8/5/2011
Pop Culture in the Age of Obama: the Book Review, 8/9/2009
Omaha’s Culture Club: an improbable little reniassance 3/25/2007
A Reporter’s Reporter: the Book Review, Gay Talese’s A Writer’s Life 4/30/2006
Doonesbury At War: the Book Review, Garry Trudeau’s The Long Road Home 6/19/2005
The Disquieted Americans: the Magazine, in Hanoi on the eve of the Iraq war 4/13/2003
The Year in Ideas: the Magazine, 12/15/2002
City of Schemes: the Magazine, New York as the white-collar-criminal epicenter 10/6/2002
Only Gossip: the Magazine, modern life’s sweet smell of success 3/3/2002
Baby-Sitting: the Magazine, post-9/11 hysteria 12/02/2001
Fallout: the Magazine, September 11th 9/23/2001
Destination: N.Y.: the Magazine, willing to be lucky 9/17/2000
Nouveaux Bohemians: the Book Review, David Brooks’s Bobos in Paradise 5/21/2000
The Next Big Dialectic: Op-Ed, envisioning the 21st century 11/28/1999
Valley Guy: the Book Review, Michael Lewis’s The New New Thing 10/31/1999
The Yanni Files: Op-Ed 1/17/1998
The Book Review, Maira Kalman’s Max In Hollywood, Baby 1992
The Inner Game of Campaigning: Op-Ed 11/1/1980
Doing the College Hop: hitchhiking college admissions tour 10/3/1971

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