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IN 1999, EXACTLY ONE YEAR after I called the “digital revolution” a “bubble” in The New Yorker, I teamed up with Michael Hirschorn (who had worked with me at New York) and Deanna Brown to create, which was an online news service and an associated biweekly magazine employing a couple of dozen extraordinary reporters and writers covering the entertainment and media businesses. Once again: excellent colleagues, good work, excessive attention from the press, new frontiers, delightful while it lasted, etcetera. We sold Inside to Brill Media Holdings in 2001, which in turn sold it to Primedia. Primedia, alas, does not maintain an archive of Inside articles on the web. 

And in 2006 I helped start a little magazine-ish entity called Very Short List, a free email service which every weekday recommends one excellent (and possibly overlooked) book, movie, DVD, CD or other cultural thing. VSL’s original backer, IAC, sold it to The New York Observer in 2009.