Kings County

With Steve Bodow of The Daily Show and Gatz, Paul Simms of News Radio and The New Yorker, and Chris Bannon of WNYC,  Kurt created and hosted a variety show for WNYC called Kings County. His co-hosts and guests included Kristen Schaal, Reggie Watts, Francesca Ramsey, Lucy Sexton, Paul Rudnkick, the musicians Chairlift, Eleanor Friedberger, Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl, the magician Steve Cuiffo, and the comedians Kurt Braunohler, Jessi Klein and Wyatt Cenac. Here’s a review of the second live show. The first season aired in June and July, 2012, and you can stream or download those shows right here

The AIGA National Design Conferences

Moderator of 2013, 2011, and 2007 conferences. Opening and closing remarks, breakout session discussions, and Q&As with designers, artists, and social entrepreneurs over three days.

Sites of Memory
Walking tours of Manhattan guided by spooky history and narrated by Lewis Lapham, Luc Santre, and Kurt. Launched in 2012.


Out There: Nebraska and the Great Plains in the Movies
A curated series in 2007 of 10 films from Boys Town to Badlands to About Schmidt. An article and public radio interview about the series.

Very Short List

In 2006, Kurt helped start a little magazine-ish entity called Very Short List, a free email service which every weekday recommends one excellent (and possibly overlooked) book, movie, DVD, CD or other cultural thing. VSL’s original backer, IAC, sold it to The New York Observer in 2009.

Bench Marks
A bus-stop bench, part of a public art project in Omaha, Nebraska, 2005-06.

"Faster, Cheaper, Newer, More: The Revolutions of 1848"
Show at the 
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City. The show, inspired by the era of 
Heyday, featured 96 objects from the 1840s and 50s.
In 1999, Kurt teamed up with Michael Hirschorn and Deanna Brown to create, which was an online news service and an associated biweekly magazine employing a couple of dozen extraordinary reporters and writers covering the entertainment and media businesses. Kurt and co sold Inside to Brill Media Holdings in 2001, which in turn sold it to Primedia. Primedia, alas, does not maintain an archive of Inside articles on the web. 

Loose Lips

Kurt, Lisa Birnbach, and Jamie Malanowski created Loose Lips with the director Martin Charnin. Theyunearthed actual verbatim transcripts–from government wiretaps, voiceover recording sessions, courtroom and congressional testimony, wherever–and turned them into a satirical stage revue. The 1995 debut production ran for six months at the Triad Theater in New York, starring Bebe Neuwirth and Peter Boyle, and a production at the Santa Monica Playhouse starring Martin Mull and Buck Henry opened later that year and ran for several months. In 1998, inspired by the tape-recorded Clinton-Lewinsky-Tripp revelations, there was a limited-run New York revival starring Andy Richter.

Spy Pranks

A 1992 pilot for NBC, hosted by Kevin Nealon of Saturday Night Live. One prank involved sending a clown to deliver balloons to John Gottiat his mafia social club; for another they pretended to set up a rabbit-meat-based fast food chain called Bunny Burgers; and for a third, called “My Kid Could Do That,” they commissioned small children to create abstract paintings that we exhibited at a SoHo gallery as if they were works by adults

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