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The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

Aspen Ideas Festival

BBC Newsnight

Big Think: The Fantasy-Industrial Complex

Big Think: The Fantasy Chronology

CBS News #1

CBS News #2
Charlie Rose #1

Charlie Rose #2
genConnect U

Morning Joe, MSNBC

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper #1

The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper #2

Big Think Videos

How America Got Divorced from Reality: Christian Utopias, Anti-Elitism, and the Media Circus (the 8th most popular Big Think video of 2017)

Fantasy-Industrial Complex: How America Got Lost Inside a Dream

How Religion Turned American Politics Into A Bizarre Anti-science Spectacle


Big Think/Think Again podcast

The Book Show, public radio WAMC

The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC

The Colin McEnroe Show, WNPR

L.A. Times

Midpoint, WMNF, Tampa

Nerdette, WBEZ podcast

NPR's All Things Considered

NY Public Library, w/ Kwame Anthony Appiah

Penn's Sunday School w/ Penn Jillette

Public radio interview on Radio West
Radio Atlantic

Radio New Zealand

Reader's Corner

The Record with Bill Radke, KUOW

Rock and Roles w/ Danny Goldberg

Scratching the Surface podcast

Slate's The Gist

Slate's Trumpcast

CBC's Sunday Edition

Utah Public Radio

Waking Up podcast w/ Sam Harris

WTF with Marc Maron


USC Annenberg's Religion Dispatches

Chicago Tribune Column

Chicago Tribune Q&A

L.A. Review of Books

Library Journal

Der Spiegel



The Village Voice


Q&As, Profiles, and Interviews

Columbia Journalism Review, roundtable discussion of journalists who've started media businesses

Sidney Blumenthal
London Review of Bookson Kurt's imaginary 1989 Trump novel , February 2017


With All Due Respect, MSNBC’s & Bloomberg, about Trump, December 2016

Omaha World-Herald, about Spy (and Trump), October 2016

Trumpcast, August and October

The Daily Beast, about Esquire‘s “pop-up” Spy (and Trump), October 2016

Recode, about my work (and Trump), October 2016

The Takeaway, about the merger of entertainment and politics have merged (and Spy and Trump), September 2016


Morning Joe, about politics  (and Trump),  January March, another March and September 2016

The Last Word, about politics (and Trump), AprilAugust and another August and December 2016

Slate, discussion of Willa Cather’s My Antonia, June 2016

NPR Morning Edition, about Donald Trump, March 2016

The New York Times
, about Kurt's office, February 2016

Longform, Q&A, November 2015

Person Place Thing, Q&A, September 2015

Salon, about Donald Trump, September 2015

Chicago Sun-Times, about Donald Trump, August 2015

20×200, five pictures I like, Q&A about art in general, July 2015

The Art of the Interview, January 2015

Now With Alex Wagner, about politics, November 2014 and July 2013

Carnegie Council, conversation on ethics in professional life, October 2013

Diners, magazine (Colombia), on the impacts of technology, October 2013

Brooklyn Magazine, about the writing life in a digital age, January 2013

Greater Boston, WGBH, about our cultural ice age, October 2012

The L Magazine, about Kings County, June 2012

Brooklyn Based, about Kings County, June 2012

Page by Page, Aspen Public Radio, December 2011

Charlie Rose, December 2011

TechCrunch: Keen On, part 2, December 2011

TechCrunch: Keen On, part 1, December 2011

PBS’ Need to Know: Fixing Government, December 2011

It’s Called “The Technik of Flotzy”, April 2011

Cazenovia Republican, September 2010

The Desk, September 2010

Brooklyn Book Festival, September 2010

PopTech, July 2010

Fortune, February 2010

Mr. Media, February 2010

Los Angeles Times, March 2009

American Management Association, October 2009

The Onion, September 2009

Bloomberg, September 2009

Charlie Rose, August 2009

The Colbert Report, August 2009, August 2009 

Change Observer, August 2009

Mediaite, August 2009

Morning Joe, July 2009

Today show, July 2009 

Los Angeles Times, April 2009

LA Weekly, March 2009

Huffington Post, August 2008

Plum TV, July 2008

Charlie Rose, May 2008

Design Matters, February 2008

Mr NYC, January 2008

Omaha World-Herald, November 2007

Gateway, November 2007

Big Think, July 2007 (video interviews about the history of transformative technologythe future of journalismcultural journalismSpy magazine, impact on audienceswritingwriting novels, and creative process)

Metropolis, April 2006

MarketWatch, January 2006

New York Times Magazine, July 2005

Associated Press, June 2004

New York Sun, June 2004

Variety, March 2004

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, May 2003

Rake, May 2003

New York, April 2003

New York Press, October 2002

I Want Media, November 2001

Washington Post, May 2000

Current, June 2001

New York Times Magazine, April 2000

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