Political satire as deeper truth: Donald Trump’s presidential memoir, as recorded by two world-renowned Trump scholars, and experts on greatness generally.

Until Donald Trump publishes his account of his entire four or eight or one-and-a-half years in the White House, the definitive chronicle will be You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year As President


"If parody requires exaggeration, what does Trump’s real-life performance leave to exaggerate?

Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen rise to that yuuuge challenge in their new book, You Can't Spell America Without Me. They’re the perfect authors for this lavish parody, filled with dozens of hilarious photos." 

—Ron Charles, The Washington Post

"A rollicking spoof...a withering sendup...it captures its putative author in all his solipsistic, preening self-regard." 

Kirkus Reviews


"Andersen and Baldwin’s faux-chronicle is above all an exercise in sheer daftness. In the expertly crafted asides gold lies," but "iterating the many running gags would only ruin the fun."

The Independent (UK)

"It's hilarious."

The Sunday Times of London


He was elected because he was the most frank presidential candidate in history, a man always eager to tell the unvarnished truth about others’ flaws as well as his own excellence. Now that refreshingly compulsive un-PC candor is applied to his time as leader of the free world. The mind-boggling private encounters with world leaders. The genius backroom strategy sessions with White House advisers. His triumphs over the dishonest news media. The historic, world-changing decisions— many of them secret until now. What he really thinks of Melania and Ivanka and Jared, Donald Jr. and Eric and the other one. And many spectacular, historic, exclusive photographs of him in private and public, making America great again.

Watch Kurt and his co-author Alec Baldwin onstage in Washington, D.C.

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