National Bestseller

 In his brash, brilliant first novel, New York Times bestselling author Kurt Andersen casts a penetrating eye on our giddy, media-obsessed era. With a keen sense of irony and a storyteller’s grace, he weaves a tale that is at once a biting satire and a wickedly incisive portrait of marriage, family, love, and friendship.


“A superb novel.”

—Christopher Buckley, The New York Times Book Review

What’s your favorite book about the media in general?

"Kurt Andersen’s Turn of the Century. Go back and read it now and you will see that we are living in a world that Kurt anticipated. The book was prescient and so, so smart."

David Carr, 2014

“Savagely subversive...a smart, funny and excruciatingly deft portrait of our age.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Inspired...astonishing...very funny.”

Entertainment Weekly

"It's a book that should be put in a Manhattan time capsule with the note: ''This is how we lived at the turn of the century. And yes, we really talked like that.'''
The New York Times

"Let's get one thing out of the way. Andersen is one heck of a writer.”

The Hartford Courant

“A blockbuster fiction debut for media insider Anders[e]n...this brilliantly conceived, keenly incisive social satire draws fresh humor out of the overhyped territory of millennial madness."

Publishers Weekly


The millennium is here. BarbieWorld has opened in Las Vegas. Charles Manson’s parole hearing is on live TV. And George and Lizzie are a Manhattan power couple with three kids in private school and take-out from Hiroshima Boy waiting at the door. Lizzie owns a software start-up. George is a TV producer. With cell phones tickling their thighs and gossip buzzing in their ears, their future couldn’t be brighter. Until, that is, Lizzie cuts a deal with George’s boss and gets an office twenty-one floors above her husband’s. Until all the glitter and the hype threaten to destroy George’s and Lizzie’s sanity and their marriage. Until the only thing that can save them is a little understanding—at a time when everyone is talking but no one hears a thing.

In 2016 Publishers Weekly called it one of the ten best long novels ever.

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